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Whats the purpose of this blog?

Short Answer: It’s my personal notepad.
Long Anser: A while ago i pondered about any piece of software to write down procedures i need to remember or to serve some sort of cheat-sheet.
Before i started this blog i used a wiki for that purpose.I could have also used a piece of paper or a flat file on my PC.
But, if it helps me to look up information it might also help others.
I could be wrong on that…anyway it will not hurt anyone.

So, who are you?

I am an open source enthusiast. This is why i spend most time between a keyboard and a chair.
But in general ppl say that i am curious in a million things but loose interest very quick. I like to blame this on being a gemini. :D

Don’t you have a name?

I answer to the name of Thomas or Tom (and many others).

Don’t you think most information on that blog is totaly wrong?

No, but i admit some might be of low quality due to the little time i invest in writing it down. See above. And…any comment/feedback is highly appreciated.