Owncloud 8 iCal export not working

Defective calendar entries in Owncloud 8 breaks iCal export. A simple SQL query to identify the malformed entries and restore normal export functionality.

Manually setting up FreeIPA Client on Archlinux

This post describes how i set up my ArchLinux boxes to authenticate to FreeIPA version: 4.2.3 running on Fedora23.
The whole procedure could be scripted but i had to work my way through by trial&error.

Monitor OSCam with check_mk

A simple check for check_mk to monitor OSCam.

It gets the status.html file from the OSCam webinterface and looks for cards and proxies. The default configuration reports ‘Status WARN’ with one bad card and ‘Status CRIT’ with 2 or more bad cards.

Delete Duplicates In MPD Playlist

A quick hack in python3 to prune duplicates in the active mpd playlist.
It looks for duplicates by filename. Requires mpc to be installed and respects MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT environment variables.

XScreensaver, phosphor and german ‘umlaute’

sometimes it’s just the very little things that bug me a bit.
one had always been that phosphor does not like UTF encoding a lot and shows german “umlaute” just worng!

Listing all Perl modules in @INC

A commonly asked question by sysadmins is how to list all perl modules – installed and known to perl – on a system.

This is how i do it:

perl -MFile::Find=find -MFile::Spec::Functions -Tlwe 'find { wanted => sub { print canonpath $_ if /\.pm\z/ }, no_chdir => 1 }, @INC;'

* I took this somewhere from perlmonks a long time ago.

Resetting windows passwords

I had to reset the password of an account on a system running windows 7. There is a wonderfull linux live CD to do the job really easy.

phpldapadmin – Select a template to edit the entry

With Debian Squeeze came version of phpldapadmin. Since that release (or maybe an earlier 1.2*) it wants you to “Select a template to edit the entry”. Which _is_ annoying. I’d not been able to find much on a quick google query so i went with a – i guess – rather dirty solution.

Encrypting non-root partitions with dm_crypt and LUKS

First of all it should be said that encrypting the /home partition only is not recommended. This does not nearly give you the same security as e.g. encrypting all your partitions. I missed doing this task on my laptop during installation and i am too lazy to copy all my data + OS to some external location, encrypt all partations and move them back. This is why i decided to encrypt my /home partition only.

Sorting images by EXIF date

At least once a year we go for holiday together with some friends. No question, they all bring their digital cameras and take a load of pictures.

Right after we get back home they send me their images to upload them to our gallery.