XScreensaver, phosphor and german ‘umlaute’

sometimes it’s just the very little things that bug me a bit.
one had always been that phosphor does not like UTF encoding a lot and shows german “umlaute” just worng!

a little program called recode comes handy here!

this ends up calling phosphor something like that:

/usr/lib/xscreensaver/phosphor -root -program 'fortune | recode -f utf8..latin1' -scale 3

now, all you gotta do is add this in your configuration dialog of xscreesavers phosphor.

useless….but still :D


  1. Mhh, that didn’t work for me somehow. I added a `-u` to fortune and that made it work.
    fortune -s -u| recode -f utf8..latin1
    > Manual page fortune(6)
    > -u Don’t translate UTF-8 fortunes to the locale when searching or translating.
    what is going on hmm

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