• Egypt – Marsa Alam 2014 28 July, 2014

    Snorkeling in Marsa Alam (Coraya Bay) in June 2014
    Sorry for the low image quality. Vision was bad throughout our whole stay.

    Lindsey Stirling “Crystallize” ~ Cover by Cyberwave Orchestra

    GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition
    GoPro Hero2 + Redfilter

  • Testing Triumph’s Street Triple and GoPro Hero 10 December, 2013

    My kind brother allowed me to take his british bike for a testride. Due the lack of time i took that nice thing to the office. Mounted my GoPro on it to see what perspectives work best. First thing i noticed…that babe handles like a charm compared to my previous Z750. Good job, islanders! :)

    Lessons learned:

    • front mount: screw must be tightend
    • rear mount: tape does not hold on that strange material
    • ride more. my skills keep decreasing :)
    • fun is not a straight line :)

    things to try:

    • chest mount
    • tank mount
    • fork mount pointing upwards and downwards
  • Apkahoya Winterchallange 2012 8 August, 2012

    Riding: poorly :)
    Recording: GoPro Hero2
    Editing: kdenlive + ffmpeg

  • Egypt – Marsa Alam 2012 20 June, 2012
  • Franz’s 60th birthday party timelapse 26 February, 2012

    This was just kinda PoC.
    See Creating timelapse videos on linux for a technical description.

  • 34m bridge jump 8 August, 2005

    Location: Ottenstein (Austria)

  • Squadra’s Last Ride 14 September, 2004
  • Nervous Breakdown am Tschechenbergl 8 June, 2003
    • Riding:
      • Tom: Poorly
      • Philipp: Orgly!
    • Recording: Borowed Cam (thx Rudi)
    • Location: Pernek