Lobby bench made of europallets and leftover materials

Every now and then i love to do some tiny DIY projects.

We were looking to get cheap bench to sit down for putting shoes on, etc etc.

Here it is.
I am sorry for not taking pictures throughout the whole process…i promise to improve.

I started with 3 of these pallets.
Sawed them off along the long side just a bit behind the middle base.

I wanted them to have the somehow new birght wood look so i started to sandpaper them for hours and hours. Put them on top of each other and screwed them together.

The parts left from sawing the 3 pallets was used to build two drawers. I used some remaining wooden floor (whitewashed oak parquet) and glued it the top as the final cover.

Found some old 90° angled wood to use for drawer handles.

Final surface and drawers without bottom.


Forgot to take pictuers of this one. Used aluminum (90° angled) to frame the wood on the top. This and the finish are the only things i had to buy for a few bucks.


The final result after applying 3 layers of matt-finish.



Found an old mirror wHile doing the bench. Thought i will try to implement it.

Had to do some careful cleaning to remove old glue and stuff. Would have been able to work on this right on the way it was but i am the kind of person who likes to have a “clean table” to start from :) This has to be done very careful. Doing too deep scratches in the grey surface will be noticeable on the frontside.

For my purpose i needed to apply some MDF (was just standing there in a corner as well) to support the glass.

Used a some construction adhesive to glue the MDF to the glass.

More careful used construction adhesive to fix the same aluminium profiles used for the bench.

The result.

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